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Welcome to Tugo World

Tugo is a revolutionary new construction toy that combines the concepts of play and education in one environment.

Tugo Free-Play is a stand-alone construction set for people from age 3  to 103 years.


The versatile building pieces allow children to build many everyday forms such as cars, trucks, bridges, houses, tables, chairs, and MUCH MORE.


Your child’s imagination is the only limit to the variety of shapes that can be invented with Tugo.


 Tugo will develop the following skills at an early age:


  • Lateral thinking – The challenge to construct an object in different ways.
  • Concentration
  • Gross and Fine motor coordination
  • Three dimensional perception
  • Cognitive skills, by stretching the imagination

Tugo also promotes recycling by facilitating the use of cardboard household cores found in toilet rolls and paper hand towels which can be used as additional building blocks in Tugo building experience.


Read more as we show you how Tugo will encourage and captivate your child… And you.


Tugo Educational contains educational packs that introduce core learning concepts and skills essential for a head start at primary school.


By downloading the flash cards, and doing the tasks as outlined in the Tugo Educational Exercise Manual, your child will develop the following skills :


  • Short- and long-term memory
  • Shape recognition
  • Early mathematical concepts
  • Early phonic skills


We at Tugo believe that you, the parents, are the primary educators of your children. Just imagine how much you will learn about your child’s development as you observe your pre-schooler create with Tugo.


As you child progresses from simple to complicated models, he or she will learn the importance of geometry and how this affects the strength and function of the models they build.