Tugo Construction Toy Review by Claire Momtrepreneum

By: Claire Minnaar in Product Reviews


I was recently sent a Tugo construction toy to review. Now, I have 2 boys, so when you put the words “car” and “construction” together, eyes light up and there are most certainly smiles all round!

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Nampak News

Twinsaver Luxury, TuGo and South Africans help build Cotlands educational Toy Libraries

During the months of April to September 2013 Twinsaver Luxury (Nampak Tissue) partnered with TuGo Toys in an initiative to raise funds for Cotlands and their toy libraries. This collaborative effort allowed the South African public to contribute and play a role in making a difference to those less fortunate.


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The Impact and Influence onBrain Function

A Biological basis for Brain Function

Introduction: The nervous system has two main divisions; the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The brain and spinal cord together form the CNS (Central Nervous System). The nervous system outside the skull and the spine forms the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System). This system consists largely of axons which carry information from the sensory receptors throughout our body to the CNS and from the CNS to the organs and muscles.

As a child plays Tugo there is a constant transmission of valuable information between the CNS and the PNS which stimulates cognitive, sensory and motor function. 

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THE NEW AGE: Entrepreneur

Turn dreams into a reality

How Abel Chetty founded and succeeded with his construction toy business

The IT CAN be extremely daunting taking those first steps towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams. For one local entrepreneur, it was about not letting this fear have the last say. Abel Chetty is the founder and managing director of Tugo Builds. Tugo is a new construction toy that combines the concepts of play and education in one environment.

“Had I known it would be so tough when I started this project and how big this project really was, or lacked the absolute belief that this was an achievable vision, fear would have had the last say and destroyed my dream.”


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Sound engineering principles used to develop home-grown toy concept

The plastic construction toys launched by start-up toy manufacturer Tugo Build Toys could help to develop delicate motor skills in children at play , says Vaal University of Technology ( VUT) vice chancellor and principal Professor Irene Moutlana .

“ When children play , their brains are hard at work and they can learn about and under stand their world in a stress- free environment . Play is filled with opportunities to develop skills, enhance capabilities and make sense of theworld,” she says.


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Turn dreams into a reality