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From the desk of the CEO , Abel Chetty :  The story behind the design and birth of Tugo

In 2007 my son, was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD – this is basically a condition which inhibits a child from concentrating for long periods of time in the classroom environment.   As parents, my wife and I had to put in place a strategy to assist our son to overcome this challenge.  We started with Occupational Therapy as well as Speech therapy. Over and above the time invested in therapy we purchased numerous learning aids to train him to concentrate for longer periods.

I have always had an interest in invention and design and while looking at all the learning aids we had purchased I was motivated to create a new construction toy. The inspiration came from the everyday cardboard household cores, which are found in toilet rolls and paper hand towel rolls and that we all have in our homes.  Whilst looking at the cores, I asked myself “instead of throwing all these cores away, is there a way to utilize the core in a creative manner?”

Using a piece of wood and a drill press, I started making a proto type connection piece to join the toilet roll cores to each other.  My son started taking an interest in what I was doing and soon started asking questions about this proto type piece. He started giving ideas of his own and became very excited about this project.  Given the level of involvement and excitement from my son, at this point I realised that I needed to spend more time on this project. In October 2008, when I resigned from my position as Admin / Financial Manager in a large corporation I took this opportunity and started developing Tugo. My son inspired several of the design features in the final product, by the comments he made and the questions he asked during the development phase of the product.  We were also blessed to have another talented qualified specialist who took interest in the project and assisted in the design and development of the product.

As the proto type designs progressed, various funding organisations, universities, companies and private individuals became involved and provided the necessary resources to assist with taking this project from concept to completion. After 3 years the product was completed and although the original product was focussed on using household cores, the final product has evolved into a standalone construction system which is easy to use for children from pre-school age and upwards.

Tugo, the revolutionary new construction toy, is a local, proudly South African product, developed and manufactured in South Africa. Furthermore, the components are made entirely from non-toxic, recyclable materials.